Blog-O-Ween Day 16- New Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen

New Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen- The Poppy Skull

Well, well, well what have we here? A new Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen post huh? Ooo I’m really scared! I did a post about how to create a Nightmare Before Christmas kitchen last Blog-O-Ween that you can check out here. Since I now have a new kitchen, I wanted to share some new items with you.

Alex and I are still working on decorating some areas of our new kitchen. Overall our kitchen has a very Halloween/Tim Burton/Nightmare Before Christmas aesthetic to it. Our perimeter cabinets are grey and our island cabinets are black. We have a cool white and gray countertop and a black faucet at the sink. Maybe once things are settled I will give a full tour. For today though, I want to show you some must have items for a Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen. I will try and link the same or similar items below.


Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen Decor

The first category of items that I use to create our new Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen is decor. In one corner of our kitchen you will find a Jack and Sally cookie jar, along with two Nightmare Before Christmas teapots. All three of these items are mainly used for decorations. We do not have anything in the cookie jar. I have used the teapots before and they do work well.


2021 Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen

I also have these cool wooden Nightmare Before Christmas spoons displayed around the cookie jar and teapots. These spoons were hanging on the wall in my old kitchen and I have not had a chance to figure out where I want to permanently place them. For right now it is nice to be able to place the spoons wherever for decoration purposes.



Serving Boards

A new category of items we have in our New Nightmare Before Christmas kitchen is serving boards. We recently received both of these items as wedding gifts and we love them! The first serving tray has a removable glass top to it featuring Jack and Sally on the spiral hill. I currently have this on display in the middle of our island countertop.


Spooky Wedding Registry


The second serving board is actually a cheese board and knife set! The whole set features Jack’s face. Underneath the cheese board is a drawer where the cheese knives are. This is perfect for us because Alex and I love to make cheese plates.


Nightmare Before Christmas Cheese Board




A Nightmare Before Christmas kitchen would not be complete without mugs. I will admit I have a pretty big mug collection. We do drink a lot of hot tea and coffee so a lot of spooky mugs are necessary. Below are some of the Nightmare Before Christmas mugs I have collected over the years. You can also check out our Nightmare Before Christmas coffee bar here.


Nightmare Before Christmas Mugs




Another set of items in our new Nightmare Before Christmas kitchen is cookware. Most of these items I have collected over the years. Our crockpot is a Nightmare Before Christmas one and it works great! The Jack and Sally salt and pepper shakers and Deadly Night Shade jars are more for kitchen decoration. I do not actually put food or supplies in them.


Nightmare Before Christmas Crockpot


The Jack Skellington bowl is from Walgreens a few years ago. We actually do use this bowl for produce on our countertop. I use the wooden spoons for kitchen decor. The pot holders I found this year at T.J. Maxx and we do use them when cooking.



Nightmare Before Christmas Dishes

I could not have a new Nightmare Before Christmas kitchen without some Jack Skellington dishes. When I spotted these dishes at T.J. Maxx last month I almost freaked out in the store. I was super excited to find them and I purchased whatever they had there. If you see them at your local T.J. Maxx I would definitely recommend getting them.


Nightmare Before Christmas Dishes


Alex and I also have a few Nightmare Before Christmas wine glasses, which are a lot of fun to drink out of. All three wine glasses are from Walgreens.




New Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen- The Poppy Skull


I hope you have enjoyed Blog-O-Ween Day 16 and checking out my new Nightmare Before Christmas kitchen! If you are looking for some ways to make your kitchen spooky I hope I was able to give you some ideas!


Stay Spooky!

-Caroline 🙂


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