Blog-O-Ween Day 16- Spooky Halloween Dinner At Home

Spooky Halloween Dinner at Home

There is nothing quite like getting cozy and staying in on a chilly October night. My husband and I enjoy staying in and cooking at home, especially during the colder months. One of our favorite things to make is a spooky, Halloween themed dinner. Today for Blog-O-Ween Day 16 I am sharing how you can create a Spooky Halloween Dinner at Home. 


Set The Scene

In order to create a Spooky Halloween Dinner at Home, you have to set the scene. Besides being surrounded by our Halloween decorations, I also set the table so it was extra spooky. I used our Nightmare Before Christmas dishes, coasters, and our skeleton glasses.  


Nightmare Before Christmas Table Setting


Plan Your Menu

Obviously you cannot have a Spooky Halloween Dinner at Home without food. There are many ways you could create a spooky dish. For our Halloween dinner we made Bat & Pumpkin raviolis with butternut squash sauce, topped with pumpkin seeds. The raviolis were delicious and super cute! They were from Costco so you should be able to find them in the store throughout October. 


pumpkin and bat ravioli


Spooky Halloween Dinner at Home


Halloween Music

Since we are both musicians, we listen to a lot of music in our house. We always have music playing while we are cooking and having a meal. This night was no exception and we listened to spooky Halloween music. If you are looking for a Halloween playlist I have a few of them you can check out:

Haunted Halloween Playlist

Halloween Party Playlist

Spooky Salem Road Trip Playlist


The last thing I did to make our dinner extra spooky was light a Jack Skellington candle in the center of our table. I purchased this candle when I was in Sedona earlier this month. It is so spooky and I love having it as a centerpiece. 


Spooky Halloween Dinner at Home



After enjoying our Spooky Halloween Dinner and cleaning up, we watched a Hallowen movie. It was a cozy and relaxing night at home surrounded by Halloween lights and decorations. 


Spooky Halloween Dinner at Home


I hope you have enjoyed Blog-O-Ween Day 16 and that it inspires you to create your own Spooky Halloween Dinner at home! 

Stay Spooky!

-Caroline 🙂


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