Haunted Adventures in Wilmington North Carolina

Haunted Wilmington North Carolina

I was lucky to spend this Halloween at the beach in North Carolina. At first, I was not quite sure what Halloween activities we would find in the area. After doing some researching and reading that Wilmington North Carolina is one of the most haunted cities in the South, I definitely wanted to check it out on Halloween!



Museum of the Bizarre


My family and I had a two hour drive from Emerald Isle, N.C to Wilmington, N.C. Our first stop on our haunted adventures in Wilmington was at The Museum of the Bizarre. This museum has everything strange and spooky from the Annabelle doll to a unicorn horn.


Haunted Adventures Wilmington



Admission to the Museum of the Bizarre is only $3. You can explore the museum at your own pace and take pictures in certain areas of the museum. One item in the museum I enjoyed reading about was Houdini’s Ouija Board.


Musuem of the Bizzare Wilmington NC


The Museum of the Bizarre is a fun place to explore if you like scary movies and strange things. It does not take many hours to explore the museum, we were probably there for 45 minutes. This was a fun place to check out and I would recommend it if you are in the area.


Haunted Adventures Wilmington


Address for The Museum of the Bizarre:

201 South Water Street

Wilmington, NC 28401



The Museum of the Bizarre is located one block from Wilmington’s Riverwalk. After we were done at the museum, we took a stroll along the Riverwalk. There are some restaurants located here along with a few shops. The entire Riverwalk is actually two miles long on the Cape Fear River. It is a beautiful place to walk around on a nice day.


Wilmington Nc Riverwalk


Once we were done exploring the Riverwalk, it was time for lunch. We decided to eat lunch at Rooster and the Crow, which is located on the same block as the Museum of the Bizarre. This restaurant had good service and a little bit of everything on the menu.


Haunted Cemeteries


Haunted Adventures Wilmington


St. James Cemetery

Next on our haunted adventures in Wilmington North Carolina was visiting two cemeteries. Both of these cemeteries have been listed on the Fox News Travel List of “Spookiest Cemeteries in the U.S.”.


Haunted Wilmington North Carolina


The first cemetery we visited was St. James Cemetery at St. James Parish. You can download a self-guided walking tour of this cemetery or you can explore it however you want. There are a lot of old tombstones at this cemetery that barely have engravings left on them.


Haunted Cemetery N.C.


Haunted Wilmington N.C.


St. James Cemetery at St. James Episcopal Church Address:

25 S Third St

Wilmington, NC 28401


Bellevue Cemetery


Bellevue Cemetery Haunted N.C.


The next cemetery on our list was Bellevue Cemetery. This cemetery is a lot bigger than St. James, it contains 32 acres! We actually drove through some of this cemetery because it is so large. Just like St. James, Bellevue Cemetery has a lot of old tombstones that are worn away. Bellevue Cemetery was established in 1872.


North Carolina Old Cemetery


According to the Wilmington and Beaches website, Bellevue Cemetery was in the Fox T.V. series, “Sleepy Hollow”. This cemetery is open from 8am-5pm and you can take a self guided tour here as well.


Bellevue North Carolina Old Cemetery

Historic Bellevue Cemetery

1701 Princess Place Drive

Wilmington, NC 28401


Other Spooky Activities

Besides the Museum of the Bizarre and the two cemeteries, there are other Haunted Adventures in Wilmington North Carolina. Since we had a two hour drive back to Emerald Isle, we did not stay for the nighttime festivities. However, some other Halloween things to do in Wilmington are:

  • Halloween Carriage Ride
  • Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington
  • Haunted Cotton Exchange Tour
  • Haunted Battleship North Carolina
  • A Once-in-a-blue-moon Halloween
  • Calling All Ghost Hunters

Some of these events take place all year and others are for October and November 2020. Check their website for updates.

We had a lot of fun exploring one of the most haunted cities in the south, especially on Halloween! If you ever get a chance to visit Wilmington, NC and you love Halloween, I would recommend checking out the museum and the cemeteries. These are activities that can be done all year.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our haunted adventures in Wilmington, NC!

Stay Spooky!

-Caroline 🙂

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