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I have always enjoyed working out and physical activity.  This does not mean I always feel like exercising, but even when I force myself to workout, I always feel better. During this stay at home order, I have been making sure to get some form of physical activity everyday. Today I wanted to share my favorite exercise YouTube channels that include workouts that can be done at home with or without equipment.


Favorite Exercise YouTube Channels- The Poppy Skull


I always start my day with some yoga. I have been doing this for a few years now and I notice such a difference if I am in a rush in the morning and do not have time for a stretch. Lately, I have been following Yoga With Kassandra’s 30 Day Morning Yoga Movement. Each video is 10 minutes of morning yoga. She also gives you a different affirmation to work with during your practice. I have really been enjoying these morning yoga sessions. There is a different flow everyday and a different focus area. I also enjoy the affirmations she repeats and I try to think of them throughout my day.



Between teaching a lot of guitar and piano lessons online, practicing guitar, and doing a lot of computer work, I sit frequently throughout the day. After sitting for a bit, I always make sure to walk around and get some movement. One goal I have been working on during quarantine is the KonMari method of tidying up. In between long periods of sitting, I will get up and clean some. If you are working from home, make sure to get up, move around, and stretch frequently throughout the day.


Later in the afternoon/evening when I have time to workout, there are a few things I like to do. If the weather is nice, my mom and I have been taking long walks. Long meaning for an hour or longer. I have really been enjoying these walks. We always have fun on our long walks and we get fresh air and sunshine.


If the weather is not good, I will workout with a YouTube video. If I am looking for a workout with free weights, cardio, body weight, or high intensity training, I will play a video from Fitness Blender, or PopSugar Fitness. Both of these channels have a ton of videos and sometimes it is hard to choose one. Fitness Blender also has a website where you can search through their workouts based on different categories, such as body part, equipment or no equipment, and duration of workout.




I also enjoy doing pilates workout videos. These workouts are usually harder than you expect them to be and require a lot of your own strength. My favorite YouTube channel for pilates and yoga is Boho Beautiful. I have been doing their workout videos for a few years now. I really enjoy pilates and my favorite aspect of their videos is the location they shoot them in. They have filmed videos in many different places, such as Turks and Caicos. It is always a lot more fun to workout when you feel like you are at the beach! Boho Beautiful also creates free workout challenges that you can follow along with at home.



Another one of my favorite exercise YouTube channels for pilates and yoga is Bailey Brown. She shoots a lot of her videos on the beach in Australia. I enjoy her workouts because she likes to incorporate light hand weights.



If you are looking for a variety of yoga practices, Yoga With Adriene is a great channel. She has different types of yoga videos for everyone. Some of her videos include yoga for: runners, brain power, nurses, musicians, and a healthy body. Adriene also has quite a few 30 day yoga challenge videos that she has created over the years. Basically if you are looking for any type of yoga practice you could think of, her channel is where you want to go!



Years ago, I never worked out with videos. I would do my own workouts that I created after learning different weight lifting exercises. After I started working out with YouTube videos, I realized how much I enjoy them. The trainers I watch keep the workouts fun and interesting. There is always something new to try and it gives your workouts variety.


To me, at home workouts are fun and take up less time than going to a gym. I do have some gym equipment at home so I am able to use free weights with these workouts. Not all of these workouts I listed use free weights though. There are days I use weights and days I do not. All of these workout channels include modifications for certain exercises as well. The videos on all of these channels are free. Some of the channels do have other programs on their website for purchase.


Favorite exercise YouTube channels- The Poppy Skull


Whether we are in quarantine or not, physical activity is important. It gets you energized, keeps you healthy, and makes you feel great. If you are looking to add some movement into your day, check out one or all of the YouTube channels I listed in this post. An important part of enjoying exercise, is finding a type of exercise you love, which is why I included a variety of favorite exercise YouTube channels.


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