It is officially fall but the weather is still in summer mode. I would be completely ok with summer weather all year, but sadly I know that is not going to happen where I live. Since it is still 80 degrees outside I am taking advantage of wearing my summer wardrobe for as long as possible. If you have some summer clothing that you have not worn yet or have not worn as much as you wanted to, now is the time to style it!
This look is really simple yet fun, and anyone can make it their own. I have a few patterned tank tops that I purchased from Delia’s many years ago. These tank tops are a lot of fun for the summer but I did not wear them as much as I wanted to. This telephone tank top is fun to wear and strange to some children since the phones have chords on them! There are also little details on this tank top such as the phone chord creating a heart and little hearts on the ear pieces.
I styled this tank top with a pair of black shorts. I wanted to keep my shorts simple but I also wanted them to match. As for my accessories I wore a lot of black and silver. My bracelet and sandals have a black zippers on them and my necklace is a cluster of black and silver stars.
Not only is it still a great time to wear fun tank tops but it is also a good time to buy them. Many stores are marking down their summer clothing to make room for their fall pieces. I have been getting many e-mails recently from stores advertising their big discounts. When you are out shopping for fall clothing, do not over look the summer sale rack because your next favorite tank top might be there!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Tank Top- Delia’s
Shorts- Celebrity Pink Jeans
Sandals- Roxy
-Caroline 🙂

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