Freezing Office?! I've Got You Covered!

I am loving this warm summertime weather! What I do not love though is being cold when I go into work and I am sure many people can agree with me. Shorts and tank tops are one of my favorite items of clothing to wear, but I end up shivering when it comes time to go into work or a cold store. I have seen many people that decided to dress for the cold office weather by wearing pants or sweaters. This will keep you warm in the workplace, however once you go outside you become overheated. You also miss out on the fun summer clothing. Wearing long, warm clothing in the office can also be problematic if you are going to a fun outdoor social event right after work.
There is a solution to this drastic temperature change problem! Instead of wearing winter clothing during the summer, break out some cute cardigans and throw them over your summer outfit while at work. I have done this recently and it works perfectly! I can still wear my summer work clothes but I am no longer freezing since I have a cardigan. Today I am sharing two different looks with this office fashion hack to give you some inspiration!
This first look includes a lot of color. If you love color and bold prints, here is some inspiration for you! I wore one of my favorite skull tank tops with a pair of grey work shorts. I knew the building was going to be freezing so I picked out a cardigan to bring with me. I picked out this purple cardigan to match the purple flowers on my shirt. This cardigan kept me warm and complemented my outfit perfectly.
If you prefer a more toned down and neutral look, this next outfit is perfect for you. Black and white is the main theme in this outfit. There is a pop of color in these floral shorts but it is not as bold as my previous look. I knew I would need a cardigan with this outfit too so I decided to wear a black one. The black cardigan does not distract from the rest of the outfit and it is super cozy and warm!
If you have your own office or work space you could leave a few different cardigan options at work. This way you do not have to remember to bring one with you every morning. If you do not want to leave it in work you could also just leave a few in your car. The cardigans will always be with you no matter where you go.
I would definitely recommend giving this office fashion hack a try! It is a great way to wear your summer wardrobe without shivering at work all day. There are a lot of cardigans currently available in stores in a variety of colors. Next time you are out shopping keep your eye out for some cute cardigans that would pair nicely over summer clothes.
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-Caroline 🙂

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