Blog-O-Ween Day 1- 2022 Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Corner

Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Corner

Welcome Spooky friends to Blog-O-Ween Day 1 2022 Edition! This is my fourth year continuing the Blog-O-Ween tradition I created. I am so excited to share a new post every day throughout October. Not only is it the first day of Blog-O-Ween, but it is also International Coffee Day! The past few years I have kicked off Blog-O-Ween by sharing my spooky coffee bar and this year is no different. Today for Blog-O-Ween Day 1 I am sharing my 2022 Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Corner! 


Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Corner


Last year we had two coffee stations in our kitchen. This year we have one main area with our favorite espresso/latte machine ever! We use this espresso machine every single day, multiple times a day. It brews the best latte and frothing the milk is so satisfying. 



You cannot create a Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Corner without mugs. I have a ton of spooky mugs that I shared in a Blog-O-Ween post from last year. I decided to display a few mugs this year, one Jack Skellington mug and two Halloween Rae Dunn ones. I love drinking out of Rae Dunn mugs because they hold so much. We also have an awesome stack of Nightmare Before Christmas mugs right next to our espresso machine. Having them stacked saves space while still displaying a lot of spooky mugs. 


Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Corner



I love decorating my Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Corner with spooky trinkets and figures. Some of my favorites are the Deadly NightShade jars, which I placed in various spots around the coffee bar. I also have little Nightmare Before Christmas figures and jack-o-lanterns on my skeleton tiered tray. 


Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Corner



There was enough room in our coffee corner to add two fun signs. A simple Coffee sign from Rae Dunn is obviously perfect for a coffee bar. I also added a Lucky Raven Cafe sign which has a whole spooky menu on it. 


Halloween Coffee Corner


Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee

A coffee bar would not be complete without coffee, especially Nightmare Before Christmas coffee! This coffee is from Bones Coffee Company and we cannot wait to try it. We drink their coffee all of the time. When we saw they were coming out with Nightmare Before Christmas coffee, Alex ordered one of each flavor. I put two out of the five favors on display. To add some height and variety to the coffee bar I put the Zero coffee on a decor pedestal. 


bones nightmare before christmas coffee


I absolutely love how this year’s Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Corner turned out. Honestly our coffee area pretty much looks like this all year, it just gets even more spooky in October. I hope you have enjoyed Blog-O-Ween Day one and that is has inspired you to create your own coffee bar.

Stay Spooky!

-Caroline 🙂


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