Material Girl is a clothing line available at Macy’s. They are known for their unique and bold clothing. I am a big fan of this line and I wear it frequently. This grey and black blouse from Material Girl is definitely different than your usual chiffon collared blouse. It has many textures on it that keep the blouse fun and unique.
The front torso of this blouse is made out of cotton, whereas the back of the torso and the sleeves are a very light chiffon-like material. The use of different fabrics is what initially drew me to this blouse. I love collared chiffon blouses but I had never seen one like this before.
Since the back of this blouse is see-through, you definitely have to wear a short or long sleeve shirt under it. For this look I decided to wear a black t-shirt underneath. Besides the different types of fabrics, another aspect of this blouse that I enjoy is the zippers all over the torso. There are also two functional pockets on the front of the blouse.
I love the way the color purple looks against a black and grey top, so I styled purple pants with this blouse. I wore a pair of black booties and stuck with silver jewelry to match the sliver zippers on my blouse. This look can definitely be worn for a causal day out, and/or worn as professional work attire.
Not only does this blouse have different fabrics to it, but it also has different lengths. The back of this blouse is longer than the front. When you come across a piece of clothing that has different fabrics and textures in it, do not be afraid to give it a try. I do not own many pieces with drastically different fabrics, but it is a lot of fun to wear something such as this blouse once in awhile.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Blouse- Material Girl
Jeans- Delia’s
Boots- Clarks
-Caroline 🙂

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