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Motto and bomber jackets are pieces that I like to style as a part of my whole outfit. It is a lot of fun to make the jacket part of your outfit instead of taking it off once you get inside. This look works well in the fall and spring because these jackets are not meant for winter weather.
I received this red studded jacket for Christmas a few years ago. This jacket came from Forever 21 and it is definitely one of my favorite motto jackets. I love the bright red color of it and of course all of the studs on the collar.
When I style this jacket, I keep the rest of my outfit very neutral. For this look I wore my ripped, black, studded jeans with a long sleeve white shirt. This was also a perfect chance for me to wear my new black booties from Clarks. These booties are very comfortable. I also enjoy how simple yet stylish these booties are. They are not totally plain, yet they are not crazy bold and studded to the point where they would distract from an outfit.
If the weather is still pretty mild where you live, try styling a motto or bomber jacket as part of your outfit. This helps you to mix up your look and you are able to get some wear out of these jackets before it gets too cold out. I have seen a lot of bomber and motto jackets recently in Express, Forever 21, and Macy’s.
Sunglasses- Ray- Ban
Shirt- Forever 21
Jacket- Forever 21
Jeans- Material Girl
Booties- Clarks
Necklace- Betsey Johnson
-Caroline 🙂

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