One color I feel like we do not see enough of during the winter is brown. I am guilty of wearing a lot of black coats, boots, and gloves throughout the winter and I tend to forget about brown. I wore brown jeans the other night for the first time in awhile. While wearing these, I remembered how much I like them and decided I style them more. For this post, I am sharing a menswear look featuring a brown coat, gloves, and boots.
This brown men’s coat is from Tommy Hilfiger. It came with a multi colored scarf that buttons to the collar of the coat so you cannot lose it! This brown coat matches many colors from white and blue, to tan and black.DSC_9655.jpg
In keeping with the brown theme, this look was accessorized with a pair of brown leather gloves and brown boots. To top off this look, a blue flat cap was worn to match the blue in the scarf. The dark brown hues also paired well against the very light wash blue jeans.
If you are looking for a coat for yourself or for a guy, I would definitely keep an eye out for brown coats. A lot of people tend to purchase black, white, or grey coats, but brown is another great neutral option. It matches all different colors, just like black does, and it is unique. Brown can also be a lot of fun to style, especially if it is a color you do not normally wear.
Scarf and Coat- Tommy Hilfiger
Gloves- Wilsons Leather
Jeans- Express
Boots- Express
-Caroline 🙂

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