Studs, Stripes, and Summertime!

I have been loving this summer weather!! I have been enjoying everything about it from the days being longer to styling summer clothes! One of my favorite articles of clothing to style during the summer are my D.I.Y. shorts that I made many summers ago. These particular light blue shorts are definitely my favorite D.I.Y. pair out of all the ones I made!
These shorts were originally long, flared jeans that I most likely purchased at Kohl’s. After not wearing them for awhile I decided to cut them into shorts. I actually sketched out how I wanted to design these shorts before I did anything to them. If you are planning on cutting a pair of jeans into shorts I would definitely recommend sketching out some ideas before hand so you can figure out exactly how you want to design them.
After cutting these jeans into shorts, I frayed the bottom of them, created a few rips, studded the pockets, and painted a Jack Skellington on the right back pocket! I love the way these shorts turned out and they have all of my favorite details on them! They are also a lot of fun to style!
I like to style these shorts with a short shirt or cropped top so all of the details I put on these shorts can be seen. For this look, I paired my super comfortable striped cropped t-shirt from the Express One Eleven Collection with my shorts. I kept the rest of my outfit simple by wearing a black tank top underneath my shirt, black zipper sandals, and a black cross-body purse. I added a pair of bright blue sunglasses for a pop of color!
If you have some old jeans lying around that still fit but you do not like the style of them anymore, I would recommend cutting them into shorts! You can add numerous details to them such as studs and patches, or you could even dye them to a different color! Creating these shorts was so much fun! I loved designing them and knowing that they are unique because I designed them! Creating your own shorts are not only fun but are also a great way to recycle jeans!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
T-Shirt- Express One Eleven
Tank Top- Forever 21
Shorts- L.E.I.
Sandals- Roxy
-Caroline 🙂

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