This year’s summer Box of Style has everything you need to have a stylish and fun summer! I adore all of the items in this box and I will defintiely use all of them as well. Two of the big items that are in the summer Box of Style is this beautiful kimono from Helena Quinn, and a fun straw Panama hat with poms from Sole Society.
Both of these items, the kimono, and hat, can be styled in a variety of ways. For my first time styling them, I decided to wear these two items with a simple pair of denim shorts and a white t-shirt.
This pretty, floral Helena Quinn kimono is very lightweight and a delight to wear. It also come with a removable belt that matches the kimono. Even though it was hot outside when I wore this outfit, the kimono did not overheat me due to it being so lightweight.
I topped this look off with a summer straw hat from Sole Society. This hat is also lightweight and because it is a straw hat, it will match anything. The cute poms on the top of the hat add a fun dimension to it. This hat is actually a little big for my head, so I put a bandana around the inside of the hat to make it fit better.
I styled my accessories based off of the kimono. I wore a purple, skull, floral necklace to match the colors and flowers on the kimono. I also wore a few gold Alex and Ani bracelets and a simple pair of black sandals.
Another great ascept about these items is they can be worn in different seasons. Both of these items can be styled with fall and spring clothing as well. You can dress up this kimono a bit and wear it over a pretty black or white dress. It could also be styled over a pair of dress pants and a blouse. This kimono can even be worn as a bathing suit cover up. The possibilites are endless!
This outfit was worn for a fun day out that I had a few weekends ago. It was a blast to explore a new town and to walk around with my new items from the summer Box of Style. There is still time to sign up to recieve your summer Box of Style by clicking here. You can also use my coupon code: POPPYSU10 to receive $10 off the summer box. If you are interested in an annual subscription to the Box of Style, use the code: BOS20 to receive $20 off.
Hat- Sole Society
Sunglasses- Swatch
Kimono- Helena Quinn
Shirt- Forever 21
Shorts- Levis
Sandals- Material Girl
Necklace- Betsey Johnson
-Caroline 🙂

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