Besides swimming and going to the beach, I also enjoy exploring new places and going to fun events during the summer. Last Thursday night I went to “Vino and Vibes” at my local winery. There were a bunch of people outside hanging out listening to the live music, and most importantly, drinking wine. It was such a great event and it is something I would definitely attend again. If you have a fun event such as a wine tasting coming up and are trying to figure out a great summer outfit to wear, keep reading!
I wanted to wear an outfit that was fun and different than my usual summer attire to this event. I decided to put together an easy look that is driven by accessories. I purchased this black dress from H&M last summer. It is very comfortable and pretty lightweight. I also really enjoy the neckline on this dress.
The sides of this dress are cut very wide, so I wore a basic white t-tank top underneath my dress. I also decided to wear a pair of teal leggings with this dress. Even though I had leggings on, I was not overheated during the day.
The accessories are really what makes this out. This look definitely called for my new straw hat from Sole Society, which can be found in the summer Box of Style. As for my jewelry, I stuck with a red and turquoise necklace and bracelet. To continue the red theme, I wore a pair of red sunglasses and used a red studded clutch that I got a Target a few years ago.
I also wore my new pair of Toms sandals with this look. These sandals are super comfortable, fun to wear, and will match a lot of outfits because they are black. You can find these sandals by clicking here. They also come in a few different colors and I love the pattern on them.
This easy summer look can be put together with items you might already have in your closet. I would not wear this look to a wedding or a fancy occasion, but it is perfect for a music festival, a fun day out shopping, a wine event, or just any casual day.
Hat- Sole Society
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Dress- H&M
Tank Top- Delia’s
Leggings- Pink Rose
Clutch- Target
Sandals- Toms
-Caroline 🙂

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