One fruit that a lot of people like to enjoy during the summer is watermelon. Fruit is one of my favorite foods to eat, however, I actually do not like watermelon. Whenever I tell someone that they look at me like I’m crazy. One type of watermelon I do enjoy though is this awesome watermelon peel off mask from Que Bella Beauty!
As soon as you open this relieving peel off mask, you will smell the pleasant scent of watermelon. The mask has a light pink tint to it but it appears clear for the most part once it is on your skin.
Que Bella Beauty gives you a lot of product in this package so you can either layer your mask well, share this mask with a friend, or try to save some of the product for another time. I decided to use the whole package to create a thick mask on my skin.
After applying this mask to my face, I let it dry for a little over twenty minutes. Even though this is a peel off mask, I washed the mask off of my face. Peel off masks are usually painful for me to take off. Washing the mask off was easier for me and did not hurt.
Once the mask was off of my face, my skin looked great and felt smooth, clean, and refreshed. Que Bella Beauty’s watermelon peel off mask was easy to apply and remove. It smelled great and it is the perfect mask for summer. Whether you enjoy eating watermelon or just like the scent of it like I do, this mask will be great for you! You can purchase this mask here or at your local Target.

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