If you know me or have been following my blog for awhile, you know that Halloween is a huge influence on my style. Halloween for me is all the time, not just in October. My house is always decorate with skull decor and I usually have a skull in my outfit, whether it is on my top, jeans, or accessories. In this post, I will be showing you how I style one of my favorite Halloween inspired dresses in November.
I managed to snag this dress at Target after Halloween last year. I just stumbled upon it hanging within a cluster of clothing. It was the only one left and it was my size. The pattern on this dress is made up of skulls, bats, and black cats. The Halloween pattern is what attracted me to the dress, but I also love that is dress is cozy and has long sleeves.
This Halloween dress is perfect to wear in the fall and winter. For this look I styled the dress with a pair of black leggings and black flats. I wanted to keep everything around the dress simple since this dress is made up of a bold pattern.
When it gets colder out, this dress can also be styled with a pair of boots instead of flats, and a cropped, black motto jacket. A long coat could be worn over this dress as well, and you could top it off with a black or tan floppy hat!
This Halloween dress is one of the many ways I wear my favorite holiday all year. I wore this dress on a warmer fall day but as I said, once it gets colder out this dress can be styled for winter. This look is also a good example of one way to style a bold patterned dress. If you have a dress similar to this one but are not quite sure how to style it, use this look as inspiration. Pair your dress with some solid colored leggings, a pair of flats or boots and you are good to go!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Dress- Xhilaration
Leggings- Pink Rose
Flats- Material Girl
-Caroline 🙂

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