Summer is the perfect time of year to wear bold dresses with colorful prints on them. My favorite bold summer dress is this one from the H&M Loves Coachella collection. This dress was available in stores last year and I am still finding new ways to style it.
This crocheted Coachella dress is actually completely see-through on its own. To solve this problem, last year I purchased a black dress from H&M that fit perfectly underneath the Coachella dress.
Since this is one of my favorite dresses, I have worn it to a few different events over the past year. I do also not like to wear the exact same outfit twice, so how do you keep wearing the same dress? You mix up the accessories and you have a whole new look!
This is the first time I have styled these accessories with this dress and I was very happy with the result. There are so many beautiful colors in this dress and a variety of different accessories you can style with these colors.
This time around wearing my H&M Loves Coachella dress, I decided to wear green sunglasses to make the green in the dress pop. Just by looking at this dress you can tell it is a very hippie, music festival inspired dress. Because of that, I knew my daisy crossbody would fit this hippie vibe perfectly. As for my shoes, I chose a simple pair of flip-flops because the dress is very bold. I wore a new pair of black studded flip-flops that I recently purchased from Delia’s.
This is my favorite dress for spring and summer and I will always find new ways to style it with different accessories. Unfortunately, this H&M Loves Coachella dress is no longer available in stores but people are selling it new and pre-owned on Ebay and Poshmark.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Dress- H&M Loves Coachella
Crossbody- Betsey Johnson
Shoes- Delia’s
-Caroline 🙂

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