Tie Dye Adventures

Last month while I was in California, I did a little shopping (no surprise there). I went into a Pac-Sun and found this fun tie dye dress. I was excited that I found something because for a long time now I have not been able to find anything in Pac-Sun.
This dress is very soft and comfortable. It comes in two different colors, navy and maroon. Both of the dresses are cute but I decided to purchase the navy one.
If you purchase this dress, I would recommend wearing leggings underneath it. In certain lightings, the dress seems a little sheer. It is also short and I felt more comfortable having leggings underneath my dress.
I would love to style this dress with a pair of white or cream colored leggings. I do not have a pair that color so I will have to do some shoppping (oh darn!). I wanted to match my accessories with the white tie dye on my dress. I wore a pair of white sandals and black and white sunglasses.
I styled one of my favorite purses with this dress, my daisy crossbody from Betsey Johnson. As for my jewerly, I wore a peace sign necklace to match the tie dye theme, and a few brown beaded bracelets.
This dress is perfect for the summer and it will also transition into fall nicely. It is lightweight and even though I wore leggings underneath it, I was not hot. You can purchase this dress in navy or maroon by clicking here.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Dress- Pac-Sun (LA Hearts)
Leggings- Pink Rose
Sandals- Material Girl
Crossbody- Betsey Johnson
-Caroline 🙂

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