A few weeks ago it was finally warm enough for me to wear this new top I got from Lord and Taylor back in February! I have been very excited to style this top but I did not want to wear it when it was cold out and have to cover it up with a winter coat. There are so many reasons I love this shirt and I have a lot of ways I want to style it.
The first great element of this shirt is the color. It is black so it will match any color of jeans or shorts I want to pair it with. The next great part of this shirt is the star pattern on the top half of it. The stars have a different texture to them and I love how they are placed on the top of the shirt. There is a very fine mesh material surrounding the stars which help you to see the stars better and gives the illusion that they are floating. The material of this shirt is great as well! It is super soft, smooth, and comfortable, yet it is not thin so it has a good structure.
Since this shirt is cropped I wore a black tank top underneath it. I am excited to try mixing different colors of tank top underneath this shirt as well. I really enjoyed how this shirt paired with my bright green jeans from Tripp NYC. The colors popped well against each other and I am eager to try wearing this shirt with other bright jeans. I wanted to keep my accessories simple for this look so I wore a silver studded bracelet, black and white Ray-Bans sunglasses, and black shoes. IMG_2380.jpg
Lord and Taylor has a lot of great tops and I have to remember to browse through there more. Sometimes I do not find too much in the actual store but recently I have been having really good luck shopping on their website. I definitely need to check their site more often because they have had a lot of tops that match my style!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Star Shirt- Design Lab (Lord & Taylor)
Tank Top- Forever 21
Jeans- Tripp NYC
Shoes- Betsey Johnson
Bracelet- Steven Madden
-Caroline 🙂

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