I have realized that the perfect summer sundress is a staple that everyone should have in their closet. Sundresses can easy be dressed up or down whether you are going to the pool or to a nice summer dinner. There are so many sundresses available that you are bound to find one that fits your style.
At the beginning of the summer I purchased my first sundress. I saw this dress hanging in the bathing suit section and my eyes were immediately drawn to the black and white print. I thought about how I did not have a sundress and realized now would be the perfect time to buy one. I was not sure where I was going to wear the dress this summer but I knew I would find an occasion for it.
The occasion to wear this dress came in June and I had a lot of fun wearing it! I wore it to the recital for my guitar students and to my cousin’s graduation party later that day. This dress was perfect for a professional event earlier in the day and a causal party that afternoon.
Instead of keeping my accessories black and white to match the dress, I decided to go for some pops of color. I wore my bright, tangerine sandals from Material Girl for a pop of color in my shoes. I also wore my bold, octopus ring from Lauren G. Adams. I love how all these beautiful summer colors looked against the black and white dress.
Another fun part of this dress besides the tribal print is the back. The ladder straps on the back of this dress add a fun and unique touch. The styling possibilities of this dress are endless because there are so many great colors you can pair with it. This dress is super soft and comfortable and is great for so many occasions. You can wear it over your bathing suit to the pool or beach, for a causal day out, or dress it up for a dinner. Those are just a few of the many reasons sundresses are a great item to have in your closet!
There are also a lot of sundress options available in basically every store. I believe that everyone can find a sundress that suits their style. Now is a great time to shop for them because many stores have them on sale. Sundresses can also transition into fall nicely paired with a cropped jean or leather jacket over them. Have fun shopping and styling!
Sundress- Xhilaration
Sandals- Material Girl
Ring- Lauren G. Adams
-Caroline 🙂

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