Near the end of the summer I decided to check out a local boutique, Treasures On Broadway. They sell a variety of clothing, jewelry, and accessories that are all very unique. Treasures on Broadway does not receive the same clothing department stores do, so you know you are buying something that not many other people have. They were having a great sale while I was there. I spotted this dress and knew it would be perfect for the upcoming gig I was performing at.
This is a great maxi dress for the spring, summer, and fall! The weather was still warm when I wore this dress a few weeks ago so I did not have to worry about a cardigan or jacket. This dress could definitely be styled with a cropped cardigan if you wanted to wear it on a chilly fall day. You could also style a cropped motto jacket over this dress to add a little more edge to the look.
The colors and pattern on this dress are bold, beautiful, and mesmerizing. A variety of shoes and accessories can be styled with this dress due to all the wonderful colors. When I was styling this dress I decided to wear a pair of orange sandals. I also wanted some color on my sunglasses but I did not want anything too crazy. I chose a pair of purple sunglasses to match the purple in the pattern on the dress. I kept my jewelry simple with a gold necklace and bracelet.
This maxi dress is not only fun and stylish but it is also super comfortable. My performance was not until the evening but I decided to wear this dress all day because of how comfortable it was. If you have some local boutiques near you but have never shopped in them, I would recommend checking them out. Most local boutiques sell items that are unique and hard to find in big department stores. Local boutiques are also a great place to check out if you need a dress for a special occasion but cannot seem to find one at the mall. A lot of boutiques also have sales too, which is a perfect time to shop!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Dress- Treasures On Broadway (Vanilla Bay)
Sandals- Material Girl
-Caroline 🙂

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