Stripes and Sparkles

IMG_5718.jpgEveryone likes to look professional and put together when it comes to work attire. Even though we want to be taken seriously, that does not mean our work outfits have to be serious and boring. There are many ways to express your style while still following work dress codes.
You might have seen in my previous summer posts that when the weather is warm I wear longer shorts from Express and New York and Company to go teach. These shorts are a great length, not too short, not too long, and they look very polished. You can add belts to them and style them with many different tops. I usually style them with sleeveless blouses but I decided to try something different for this look.
I have had this striped black and silver top for so long that I actually cannot remember where I purchased it! I really liked the contrast in color between the silver in my top and my dark blue shorts. To tie this look together with a silver theme, I wore one of my favorite pairs of sandals from Material Girl. I love the sparkles on these sandals and they add such a pop to any outfit.
Since I had a lot going on throughout my outfit I kept my accessories pretty simple. A thin belt could also be added to this outfit for an extra accessory. This look was a lot of fun to wear and it shows how you can still express your style while in work attire. Do not let dress codes discourage your style because there are plenty of ways to follow the rules and still express yourself!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Shorts- Express
Sandals- Material Girl
-Caroline 🙂

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