About two weeks ago I was very lucky to be a bridesmaid in a very beautiful and fun wedding! As soon as the bridesmaid dresses were picking out I immediately knew I wanted to wear a pair of shoes from Betsey Johnson’s Blue by Betsey Johnson collection. I ended up buying the Tiara opened toed sandal in the color Silver Metalic. I was so excited when I received the shoes in the mail, not just because they were finally here, but also because of the packaging! I have not seen and do not own many shoe boxes like this one:
The bridesmaid dress is from David’s Bridal. It is the Short Strapless All Over Lace Dress in the color Petal. I love the dress so much and it’s definitely one I can wear again! I loved the lace and the color too because it was perfect for a spring wedding.
The Tiara Betsey Johnson sandals went very well with the dress, especially in the Silver Metalic color. The shoes are also super comfortable yet very dressy. I did not have to sacrifice comfortable for style in this situation. I have my own little tradition of changing into Converse sneakers at wedding receptions and I almost forgot to do that at this reception because my shoes were so comfortable!
I love all the jewels on the straps and the zipper on the heel of the sandal makes them easy to put on and take off. I will say that I’m usually somewhere around an 8 or a 9 in shoes but these sandals are a 7 1/2. When I tried the size 8 sandals on at David’s Bridal they were extremely loose around my ankle and the 7 1/2 ones felt a lot better. David’s Bridal does have a few different styles of the Blue by Betsey Johnson collection so I would recommend going to one of their stores and trying them on before buying them. David’s Bridal had the Tiara sandals in white not silver so I ended up ordering them from Betsey Johnson’s website but I’m really glad I was able to try on the style that I wanted. Macy’s also had these sandals online but not in the store.
Dress- David’s Bridal
Shoes- Blue by Betsey Johnson
-Caroline 🙂

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