I cannot believe I shot this look in May at the beginning of summer and it is now almost the end of August! πŸ™ Summer is my favorite time of year and I do not like to see if fly by. I have seen a lot of back to school looks recently (which also makes me sad) so I figured I would share this look that helps to make the transition from summer to fall.
I wore this look at the boarder of the change of season from spring to summer. However, this look can also work for the fall when it is still warm out but a bit chilly for shorts. This is also a great outfit that you can make into your own! All you need is a lose basic tee, a pair of patterned jeans, and a pair of Converse (or any sneaker)!
I broke out these dark, polka dotted skinny jeans that I purchased from Delia’s a long time ago. I saw them hanging in my closet and realized I had not worn them in awhile, so I decided to style them. To contrast the dark jeans I wore a loose, basic white t-shirt. This t-shirt has a bit of interest to it because it has slits on each side and it is longer in the back.
For some pops of color, I wore purple sunglasses and grey Converse that have a lime green outline going around them. Both of these accessories match colors in my funky necklace. This necklace is full of smiley faces, stars, and music notes. I also like pairing long necklaces with longer shirts so this necklace worked perfectly.
An outfit like this one is perfect for back to school. This outfit is also great for anyone that prefers a more subtle pair of patterned jeans. A look like this is very easy for everyone to recreate and add their own twist to it. A cropped jacket would look great with this outfit on a cooler fall day. Even though a lot of us do not like to think about the end of summer and the beginning of back to school season, we can try and make it fun by putting together some awesome looks! I hope this outfit brings you some fun, inspiration that helps to ease your end of summer blues.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
T-Shirt- Delia’s
Jeans- Delia’s
Shoes- Converse
-Caroline πŸ™‚

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