Patterned shorts are one of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear during the summer. They are so much fun to wear and you can style them with many different tops. I have seen a lot of different patterned shorts throughout the stores this season. Stores such as Macy’s, Forever 21, and H&M have patterned shorts that are denim and ones that are more lightweight. I have seen patterns from stars and stripes to aztec print. Even though it is sadly getting near the end of summer, you can still find a lot of patterned shorts in most stores.
I purchased this pair of patterned shorts from Macy’s last summer. They are made from the brand Celebrity Pink Jeans that can be found in a lot of department stores. I love the different color dotted pattern on these shorts. I also purchased them because I really do not have any high waisted shorts and I wanted to try something new. These shorts are not super high waisted, which I like, but they are higher than I normally wear my shorts.
When I was styling these shorts I knew I wanted my top to be simple and sleek to keep the focus on the shorts. I wore a basic t-shirt from H&M and tucked it into my shorts so they were visible. I wore a pair of black sandals to pull the whole look together. For a pop of color though, I wore a pair of teal sunglasses and a flower necklace.
This was another fun, summer look that I enjoyed wearing. This outfit can definitely be worn day or night as well. If you want to try styling a pair of patterned shorts but really do not know how, I would recommend pairing the shorts with a neutral, basic t-shirt to start out. Once you get comfortable with that look you can always branch out if you want to. Patterned shorts are a great way to express your summer style and there are many different options of shorts available. If you do not own a pair definitely purchase some before the summer if over. If you already own a pair, (or many like me), style them as much as you can before the weather changes!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Shirt- H&M
Shorts- Celebrity Pink Jeans
Necklace- Target
Sandals- Roxy
-Caroline 🙂

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