A few weeks ago when it hit 75 degrees I was able to break out this brand new denim dress I got from Lord and Taylor! When the dress came in the mail it was super cold out so I figured I was not wearing it anytime soon. Luckily though we had some pretty warm days here in March and I was able to have fun styling this dress!
This dress is super soft and comfortable and it comes with a belt! I debated about wearing the belt or not but I obviously decided to give it a try! I’m happy I wore the belt for this look but it can definitely be styled without the belt. I was also excited to pair my brand new Rainbow Music Note Toms with this dress! It was a perfect day to wear a pair of Toms and I really liked how they looked with this dress.
Since I was doing some shopping the day I wore this dress, I knew I did not want to carry around a big purse. I also wanted a purse that would make a bold, spring statement and I had the perfect one for this occasion! I decided on my daisy purse from Betsey Johnson! My boyfriend got me this purse last spring and it is so much fun to use! Not only is it stylish and fun but you can also fit a lot in it!
To top off this look (no pun intended) I wore a studded fedora. This is one of those outfits I put on, looked in the mirror and thought “this NEEDS a hat!”. I also added my orange Ray-Bans since they looked good against the wash of the dress and against the music notes on my shoes!
This dress is a lot of fun to wear and it is very versatile! Not only can you wear it with or without a belt but you can also wear it with the sleeves rolled up or down! This will also be a great dress to wear during the fall with a pair of leggings! If you are looking for a dress similar to this one, fear not because I have seen them in many stores! I have also seen them in different washes and colors. There are many options available for this dress and there are many ways to style it which makes it an awesome piece to have in your closest!
Fedora- T.J. Maxx
Dress- Cloth and Stone
Purse- Betsey Johnson
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Shoes- Toms
-Caroline 🙂

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