Spring Colors, Cold Weather

The weather here has been a crazy roller coaster! One day it is 85 degrees out and the sun is shining, and the next day it is cold, gloomy, and 55 degrees out! It feels more like the end of March rather than the end of April! This constant change in weather makes spring fashion very difficult. I was ready to hang up my tank tops the other day and now I am back to wearing sweaters! One way to bring some spring fashion into cold spring days is by adding fun pops of color!
For this menswear look a lot winter items were worn, yet spring fashion was still incorporated into the look! It was cold out so a pair of boots and a sweater were necessary however, by wearing a fun sweater with a bright polo underneath the spirit of spring can still be found!
The contrast between the teal sweater and the bright pink polo really makes the outfit pop! Since there are two contrasting colors going on you want to make sure to keep the rest of the outfit neutral. Neutral colors can be achieved in your pants and boots as seen in this look. Wearing a pair of dark wash jeans and grey boots balances out the bright colors throughout the top of the outfit.
Even though it has been cold out we can still try to enjoy spring fashion with bold, bright colors! If it is cold where you are try incorporating some spring colors into your winter wardrobe. Hopefully we will be able to put our winter clothes away soon and break out the tank tops and shorts!
Polo- Express
Jeans- Express
Boots- Express
-Caroline 🙂

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