One of my favorite ways to style a fall look on a warm day is to juxtapose summer and fall clothing together. I still have my tank tops hanging up in my closet, mainly because it makes me sad putting them away for winter, but also because it is still warm out. This fall I have decided to take advantage of the warm days and pair a few of my favorite tank tops with jeans and fall accessories.
For this look, I styled a lose Van Halen tank top with a pair of super skinny jeans. There is a lot of color going on between my tank top and jeans so I kept everything else black. I wore a pair of black studded boots and a black zipper bracelet. This was also another outfit that definitely needed a hat paired with it so I wore my favorite black floppy one from Express.
I had a lot of fun wearing this outfit and it inspired me to start juxtaposing even more summer and fall clothing together. It is going to be around 80 degrees this week but instead of throwing a pair of shorts on, I am going to find ways to style fall and summer clothes at the same time.
This outfit sums up my style in one whole look. It is edgy, colorful, bold, and full of accessories. I love playing around with different styles and articles of clothing but it is always fun when you put together an outfit that shows all of your style. This look also shows my love for music and how music and fashion go hand in hand. As Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” and I completely agree with that.
Hat- Express
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Tank Top- Forever 21
Jeans- Delia’s
Boots- Mossimo Supply Co.
-Caroline 🙂

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