I purchased this really cool summer dress from Macy’s last week. The brand is Style & Co. and it’s very different from any dress I have. I definitely felt that brown tones would go really well with this dress. I opted for my brown Roxy flip flops and some brown toned jewelry with a pop of a yellow skull bracelet. This is definitely a dress you could dress up or down. I love the acid wash look the dress has and the tribal like printing. It is comfortable and lightweight-perfect for a hot summer day! I also felt that a fedora or a wide brimmed hat would be a good accessory to this outfit. I think the dress looks good with or without a hat which is great because you can mix up the look of the dress every time you wear it!
Fedora- T.J. Maxx
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Dress- Style&co.
Flip Flops- Roxy
This Daisy purse from Betsey Johnson also pairs very well with this dress!
-Caroline 🙂

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