New Year, New Goals! Three Goal Crushing People To Follow

Goal Crushing People 2021

For most of us, including myself, a new year means new goals we want to set and achieve. I am a big believer in goal setting and going after your dreams. I also believe in listening to podcasts and/or videos of people who will inspire and motivate you. Today I wanted to share three goal crushing people that offer amazing advice, tips, and tricks on how to seriously achieve your goals.


I have used advice all three of these women have offered and have experienced awesome results. Remember though, you can listen to all of the tips, tricks, and motivational advice you want, but if you are not seriously implementing them into your life, you will not reach your goals.


Angie Bellemare


The first goal crushing person I want to tell you about is Angie Bellemare. This time last year, one of her videos was suggested to me on YouTube and I watched it. I have been hooked to her videos and advice ever since!


Angie’s full time job is being a Beachbody coach and leading her team of coaches. She creates YouTube videos for fun and to share goal crushing advice. Angie has a main channel where she has home decor, routine, beauty, fitness, and holiday themed videos.




On her vlog channel Angie posts more in-depth goal workshop videos, such as a vision board workshop, a 31 day daily grind series, and a 12 week year goal video. I watch videos from both of her channels, however if you are looking to get serious about your goals, I would start with her vlog channel and the video I have linked below. Then I would definitely check out her main channel for some fun videos and home inspiration.



I followed her vision board plan and how to set and achieve goals last year and it totally worked! There are many things I had on my vision board last year that came to life. I also got into the 12 week year because of her and it helped me soooo much.


Sam Ozkural


The second goal crushing person I want to tell you about is Sam Ozkural. Sam is a full time YouTuber and she sells her own jewelry line on Etsy. She is really into health, fitness, goal setting, manifestation, and positivity. She is also a wife and a new mom.



I started following Sam’s channel about 2-3 years ago. Her channel was another one that was suggested to me through YouTube and I am glad it was! Sam’s videos include great tips and tricks on how to set goals, financial advice, health and fitness motivation, recipes, how to be positive, and how to manifest your dreams. I have used many of her tips over the years and have seen great results. Sam also released her own cookbook last year called “Pretty Earthy”.



Kalyn Nicholson


The third and final goal crushing person I want to tell you about is Kalyn Nicholson. Kalyn is another full time YouTuber I started following years ago. Throughout the years I have been following her, I have enjoyed seeing her grow as a person and business owner.


Kalyn has two YouTube channels. Her main/vlog channel is Kalyn Nicholson. She also has another channel and podcast called Koze, where she talks about a variety of topics from goals, manifesting your dreams, how to stop bad habits, getting organized, life lessons, and more. Koze also has an apparel line she created.




Both of her channels go in-depth with yoga, spirituality, mental health, routines, and work ethic. Koze is more of a “let’s sit down and talk channel”, whereas her main channel is more vlog style and you watching the behind the scenes of her life. I would definitely recommend both channels but maybe starting with Koze if you are looking for tips and tricks on achieving dreams this year.



All three of these girls seem like super kind and positive people. They all offer fantastic goal achieving and life advice. If I knew them personally I feel like I would definitely be friends with all three, haha.


I hope you have enjoyed reading and exploring all three of these goal crushing people that I admire. Definitely take some time to check out their channels and use some of their tips and tricks. Remember though, if you really want something you have to go after it with consistency. Watching these videos is great motivation, however watching something for hours will not magically make your dreams a reality.


Goal Crushing People 2021


Anything you dream of having you can totally make a reality. You just have to always believe it will happen, work consistently hard, and stay positive. I hope you find all of these goal crushing girls helpful and inspiring. Please let me know if you follow any of them already or if you have any similar suggestions for me.


Stay Spooky!

-Caroline 🙂

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