New Jersey Fall Wine List

New Jersey Fall Wine

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is only a few days away! Everyone knows turkey is an essential part of Thanksgiving, but another item you must have is a great glass of wine. To help you with finding the right glass of wine for Thanksgiving, or for any fall day, I am sharing my list of local fall wines from New Jersey!
New Jersey Fall Wine
A lot of these wines are going to be sweet. If you are not a sweet wine drinker, I would recommend at least trying one of them for dessert. I usually have these wines before or after dinner, but I think everyone should drink wine with whatever they want to. If you feel like having a sweet apple wine with dinner on Thanksgiving, then I say go for it!

New jersey fall wine list
  • Caramel Apple– by William Heritage Winery, Mullica Hill
    • William Heritage is one of my favorite wineries and if you have never been there you must go!
    • The Caramel Apple wine is sweet but not extremely sweet. You can definitely drink more than one glass without feeling like you are in a sugar coma.
  • One Nation Apple Pie – by Villari Vineyards, Sewell
    • I drank this wine warm with a cinnamon stick and I found it to be sweater than the caramel apple wine but still good.
    • I warm up the wine by sticking the bottle in a pot of hot water.
  • Spiced Apple Wine – by Tomasello Winery, Hammonton
    • This is a great wine to drink warmed up with a cinnamon stick as well.
    • I enjoy drinking this wine by itself or with a little snack of popcorn.
  • Out of the Blue – by Iron Plow Vineyards, Columbus
    • I drank this wine last fall warmed up and with a cinnamon stick.
    • It is different than the other spiced wines because it has blueberry in it.
  • Jersey Apple – by William Heritage Winery, Mullica Hill
    • This is another great fall wine that is sweet but not too sweet.
    • You could definitely drink this with a meal if you like sweet wine.

New Jersey Fall Wine
I hope you have enjoyed my list of New Jersey Fall wines! A lot of these can be found in your local New Jersey wine section at the liquor store, at the wineries themselves, or online. These wines are great for anytime during the fall and I hope you try some of them.
If you looking for more fall things, check out my Fall Adventure list for more fall activities.
-Caroline 🙂

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