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La Mademoiselle Macaron- The Poppy Skull
Last week I had such a delicious experience at the cutest French Bakery, La Mademoiselle Macaron. I came across this French Bakery by exploring Mullica Hill one day. The bakery was closed the day I was in town, so my boyfriend and I decided to come back on a day they were open to check it out. This bakery is so delicious that we ended up coming back two weeks in a row!
French Bakery- The Poppy Skull
The first time we visited La Mademoiselle Macaron, we enjoyed afternoon coffee and macarons. We drank excellent tasting coffee out of the cutest tea cups while trying six different flavors of scrumptious macarons. The flavors we tried were, raspberry, cherry, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla, pineapple, and Paris tea. I honestly do not know if I had a favorite macaron because they all tasted amazing!
La Mademoiselle
After enjoying our coffee and macarons, we decided to make a reservation for an afternoon tea. Since the owner and head baker, Raquel, makes everything for the afternoon tea, reservations need to be made 48 hours ahead of time. We came back to La Mademoiselle Macaron a week later for the best afternoon tea we have ever had!
A few different afternoon teas are offered at La Mademoiselle Macaron, which you can check out  here. We decided to both enjoy the Marie Antoinette Tea and it was incredible. Once we arrived for our tea, Raquel had our cute table setup with the prettiest tea cups and saucers. These tea cups were my favorite shade of blue and had dainty polka-dots and flowers on them.
Tea Cup-
No matter which afternoon tea you choose, you receive unlimited tea. There are many flavors of tea to choose from, such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Cinamon Spice, Paris, White Christmas, and Holiday tea. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed the Paris macaron, which is made from the tea, so we picked the Paris tea. This tea is delicious and unlike any black tea I have had before. I would absolutely drink it again.
La Mademoiselle Macaron- The Poppy Skull
We each received five tea sandwiches that were extremely yummy. They were served on a beautiful three tier server. The sandwiches we enjoyed were:
-Chicken salad on a mini croissant
-Roast turkey, fig, and brie on a baguette,
-Petite quiche
-Egg salad on white bread
-Cucumber and dill cream on white bread
La Mademoiselle Macaron South Jersey-
All of the sandwiches were exquisite and we enjoyed each one!
La Mademoiselle Macaron- Tea
After we had the tea sandwiches, Raquel brought us a three tier server filled with incredible desserts and pastries. We ended up having to box some of these desserts up and take them home because we were so full. There was a scrumptious scone with cream and lemon curd, a raspberry macaron that had two actual raspberries inside it with vanilla bean cream, and a petite chocolate cake, along with a few other exquisite desserts.
La Mademoiselle Macaron- Mullica Hill- The Poppy Skull
La Mademoiselle
La Mademoiselle Macaron-delicious- The Poppy Skull
La Mademoiselle Macaron is the perfect place for many different occasions. We went there for coffee and macarons, and afternoon tea but there were also people coming in to order macarons and sandwiches to go. The afternoon tea is perfect for a day out with a group of friends or even for two people. It is a fantastic place to stop in and enjoy a pot of tea and some amazing macarons. Raquel creates a variety of macaron flavors that vary from week to week. This is great because you get to try new flavors each time you visit this French Bakery.
La Mademoiselle
La Mademoiselle
La Mademoiselle Macaron- tea
La Mademoiselle Macaron also caters special events such as weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, and so much more! You can find out more information by clicking here. Not only can you order a tray of macarons for a special event, but you can also order a tower of macarons!! How cool is that?!
La Mademoiselle Macaron-tea shop-
La Mademoiselle Macaron- treats-
We had such a fantastic experience at La Mademoiselle Macaron. Raquel is extremely kind, hard working, and an amazing baker! The appearance of everything from the cute decor inside the bakery, to the presentation of the macarons and desserts, is perfect. I am definitely recommending this French Bakery to anyone and everyone. If you are ever in the Mullica Hill/South Jersey area you MUST go here!
La Mademoiselle
La Mademoiselle
La Mademoiselle Macaron-cute
La Mademoiselle Macaron is open Thursday-Saturday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. This bakery is located on 41 S Main Street in Mullica Hill New Jersey. There is indoor and outdoor seating available and you can learn more by clicking here.
La Mademoiselle Macaron- The Poppy Skull
La Mademoiselle
La Mademoiselle Macaron-French
-Caroline 🙂
***********************Update as of May 5, 2019**************************
I still love La Mademoiselle Macaron as much as I did back when I first wrote this post in 2017. Since this post, I have purchased Raquel’s macarons at multiple events at a local winery, booked a surprise birthday party for my mom at the bakery, and treated my mom to an afternoon tea there.
Surprise Tea
In December 2017, I threw my mom a surprise tea party with a total of 9 girls from our family at La Mademoiselle Macaron. My mom was very surprised and we had the best time! The tea sandwiches, hot teas, and desserts were delicious.
Raquel and her staff were extremely kind and gave us great service. They also had food and drinks for younger children since we had some at our party.
The decor on the tables were beautiful and the tea sets were super cute. I would definitely recommend throwing a tea party at La Mademoiselle Macaron. It was a birthday my mom will never forget.
In May 2019, I took my mom back to La Mademoiselle Macaron for an afternoon tea together. We drank the Paris and Goji Berry teas, enjoyed the tasty tea sandwiches, and mouthwatering desserts.
There were many people coming into La Mademoiselle Macaron to purchase macarons to go. There were also other tables of women enjoying afternoon teas just like us. It is so great to see so many people enjoying La Mademoiselle Macaron.
tea party
Tea and

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