Skulls and Pineapples

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Last week I went on a short trip to Annapolis, Maryland and stumbled upon one of the coolest stores, Lou Lou Boutiques. As soon as I stepped into the store, I was greeted by a friendly sales associate. I was also in awe of all the colorful accessories and clothing that were neatly organized throughout the store. The Lou Lou Boutiques in Annapolis was huge! Every time you turned your head there was a new table of items to explore.
Lou Lou Boutiques had all kinds of jewelry in a variety of colors such as blue, teal, pink, red, yellow, and any other color you can think of. They had the cutest clutches with watermelons, cactuses, and southwestern prints on them.
After wanting to purchase the entire store, I ultimately decided on a skull tank top and a pineapple necklace. Lou Lou Boutiques has this tank top available with a ton of different graphics such as a pinapple, rhino, dog, feather, hearts, and so much more. You can see some of them online here but I did see even more in the store.
There were quite a few tank tops I wanted to purchase but I decided on the skull one. This tank top is very soft, lightweight, and comfortable. For my first time styling this tank top, I wore a pair of black shorts with it. Since this top is sheer and loose, I wore a lightblue tank top underneath it.
As for my accessories, I had to wear my new, cute pinapple necklace that I purchased from Lou Lou Boutiques. This necklace comes in three different shades, silver, gold, and rose gold. This exact necklace is not available online but they do have a similar one here. I purchased the silver one because I thought it would match more of my other jewerly. This necklace is a lot of fun to wear and it is perfect for summer.
I wore a pair of purple sunglasses to add a contrasting color to my outfit. Since the skull on my tank top has some light blue on it, this was a great chance for me to wear my new powder blue sandals from Material Girl. These studded sandals are comfortable, easy to walk in, and a blast to wear.
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I absolutely adore the items I purchased from Lou Lou Boutiques and I want to go back for more! By checking out their webiste, I found out they do have a location close to me that I cannot wait to do some shopping at! Make sure to check out this awesome store here and see if there is one close to you!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Tank Top- Lou Lou Boutiques
Necklace- Lou Lou Boutiques
Shorts- Celebrity Pink
Sandals- Material Girl
-Caroline 🙂

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