Blog-O-Ween Day 23- Autumn Waltz For Classical Guitar

Fall Music

Every season I have certain albums and songs that I like to listen to. For me, there are specific songs that represent each season. There are some albums that totally have a summer vibe to them, and others are more fun to listen to in the fall. Not only do I have a lot of fall music that I like to listen to, but I also have fall pieces for classical guitar that I enjoy playing.


Fall Music

There are many reason why I associate certain albums and songs with each season. For example, I might have discovered an album in the summer that has a fun, upbeat summer vibe. There also might be lyrics that relate to a specific season. The overall atmosphere of an album could also feel like a certain season. If you are curious on what some of these albums are, you can check out a few other posts, such as my Fall Records, October Records, and Spring Break Mix Tape.

There are specific guitar pieces I enjoy playing during different seasons. One obvious example is, I enjoy playing Christmas music in December. Lately though, I have discovered a lot of other pieces for different times of the year that are fun to play.

There is a fun, little piece called Autumn Waltz by Lyse Gingras, that I teach to some of my students. Since I enjoy this piece, decided to make a classical guitar video for it. With the help of my fiancé, I was able to create the fall music video I had imagined.

We shot this video in a local park at the beginning of November. It was a nice sunny day and the leaves were still full of different colors. This video was a lot of fun for me to create and it is a fun piece to play on the guitar as well.

I hope you enjoy my Autumn Waltz video for classical guitar!

Autumn Waltz for Classical Guitar

Make sure to please subscribe to my YouTube channel because I plan on creating a lot of other fun videos like this one.  If you have not seen my video of Jack’s Lament for classical guitar or our duo video of This Is Halloween, please check those out as well.

If you are looking for more fall music, my classical guitar duo also has a video from a few years ago of Thanksgiving Prayer. It is a great piece to listen to on Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Stay Spooky

-Caroline 🙂

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