And The Way You Don't Appreciate Brand New…

Brand New is and always will be my favorite band. I could write a whole long post just about them, but I’m going to try and stick with how I styled their shirt instead. I probably have close to ten Brand New shirts that I have collected over the years. Most of these shirts are from their concerts and a few other ones are from Hot Topic.
I have done a few other posts recently, which you can check out here and here about different ways, I like to style band t-shirts. This outfit is another example of how I like to style band tees, with patterned jeans.
I know patterned jeans can be too bold and intimidating for some people, but if you style them with a neutral top, they can be easier to wear. These striped jeans are from Forever 21 and I purchased them a few years ago. You can find similar striped jeans at other stores as well. One of my favorite aspects of these jeans is the zipper detail at the bottom of them.  
I have worn these jeans with many different colored shirts such as blue and purple, which makes the whole outfit very bold. If you style a black top with these jeans, it tones the look down a bit and keeps the focus just on the pants.
This Brand New shirt is from Hot Topic, which I got many years ago. It is oversized on me but it still has a shape to it so I do not have to tie it to the side. This shirt is also very comfortable and it can be worn with many different colors and patterns of pants since it is black. I kept my accessories to this outfit black and white as well.
If you have never listened to Brand New, you need to stop reading this post and go listen now!! I was able to see them again this past Wednesday and I am going to their concert again on Saturday! I am very excited and I will be purchasing another shirt to add to my collection.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Shirt- Hot Topic
Jeans- Forever 21
Shoes- Kensie Girl
Necklace- Hunt and Orchard
-Caroline 🙂

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