One of my favorite patterned jeans that I own are these split skull ones. I have a few other pairs of split jeans that I enjoy wearing as well. Split jeans are pants that you definitely do not see every day but they are fun to wear. I know these jeans can be a little too bold for some people, but I wanted to show you two ways you can style them.
This first look is for a colder fall day. Since the jeans are black and white, I decided to stick with a black and white top as well. I wore a black sweater from Express that has this rib cage-like back to it. Because the back is so open, I wore a white t-shirt underneath this sweater.
I kept everything else in this look black and white as well. Wearing the same neutral colors that are in the jeans prevents the outfit from becoming too crazy. I wore a pair of black sunglasses, a black bracelet, and my new favorite black booties from Toms.
The second way I styled these jeans is probably for a day when it is a little warmer out. I still kept the black and white color palette going on throughout the outfit, but I did add a pop of color with my bright blue sunglasses.
Instead of a sweater, I wore a flowy white t-shirt with a cropped motto jacket on top. I also wore a pair of black Converse sneakers instead of booties.
I enjoy wearing my split jeans both ways. The first outfit is a little more polished with a sweater and booties, and the second outfit is more laidback and casual.
I purchased these jeans from Hot Topic a few years ago. I do not see the exact same ones on their website, however, there are a few different pairs there. You can find a better selection on Tripp NYC’s website by clicking here.
Whether you have worn split jeans or not, you have to admit they are pretty unique. If you are thinking about trying a pair, I would definitely recommend wearing black or white on top. I hope this post has given you some split jean inspiration!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Sweater- Express
T-Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- Royal Bones by Tripp NYC
Booties- Toms
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
T-Shirt- Delia’s
Jacket- Material Girl
Jeans- Royal Bones by Tripp NYC
Shoes- Converse
-Caroline 🙂

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