Obviously, skulls are my favorite item to wear, and what better time to wear them than during the month of October?! I also enjoy wearing lightweight blouses, like this skull one, during the fall and spring. They are easy to style with many different pairs of jeans and they can be dressed up or down.
This look is a more casual way to style a lightweight, button-down blouse. I actually found this top at Kohl’s a few years ago. I always wear a solid color t-shirt underneath this blouse, since it is very sheer. You can even wear a long-sleeve shirt under this blouse in the winter to keep you warm.
The pretty teal color of this blouse can be styled with grey, white, or black jeans. For this look, I decided to stick with black jeans. You could dress this look up more with a pair of heels but I wore a pair of slip on Betsey Johnson shoes. I have also worn black Converse sneakers with this outfit for an even more relaxed look.
Another black accessory that paired well with this outfit, was this cute crossbody bag. I am not sure where this crossbody came from because I received it as a gift, but it is a lot of fun to use. The exterior of this purse is hard, which makes it durable. It has a Union Jack flag design on the front of it in little jewels.
This purse can also fit quite a lot in it considering itโ€™s size. It is great for running errands, shopping, or going to an event that you do not want to bring a big bag to. My favorite detail on this purse is the skulls that are on the top of it. You can also put your fingers through the skull rings and carry the purse that way.
Lightweight, chiffon-like blouses are an easy way to look polished on a casual day. They are available in many stores and come in a variety of colors and patterns. I would recommend wearing a t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt underneath them. You can dress them up or down and a lot of them are comfortable and easy to wear. Even though this skull one is perfect for the month of October, I will be wearing it all year.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Blouse- Kohl’s
Jeans- Delia’s
Shoes- Betsey Johnson
-Caroline ๐Ÿ™‚

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