Over Memorial Day Weekend I went shopping with some friends. While we were in Nordstrom, I came across these Leo Clutches from Rebecca Minkoff and thought they were really cool. They are available in many different patterns and colors and I love the zipper detail on the perimeter of the clutch.
About a month later my boyfriend, Alex, and I were in California for a classical guitar convention. After the convention was over, we had an entire day to explore L.A. before getting on a red-eye flight back home. We checked out the art museum in L.A. and then ended up on Melrose Avenue for dinner.
We still had some time before we had to go to the airport, so we went into a few stores on Melrose Avenue. One of the stores there was Rebecca Minkoff. Right after entering the store, there was a display set up with three Leo Clutches. These clutches were customized by artist Isabella Huffington and they were all beautiful.
Anyone could enter to win one of these clutches just by filling out an entry card. My boyfriend suggested I fill one out so I did. We shopped around the store a little bit and right before we left, he decided to fill a card out as well to increase our chances of winning one.
A month or so later, Alex received an e-mail with the subject line titled, “You Won!”. A first he was not going to open it because he thought it was spam. Good thing he did open it though because it was from the Rebecca Minkoff store on Melrose Avenue telling him he won one of the clutches!
We were both so surprised and excited. The store did not tell him which clutch he would be receiving so we were both anxious to find out which one it was. Once the package came in the mail we opened it together. After unwrapped the clutch, I was thrilled to see it was the Leo Clutch with keys on it!
I was so excited I actually ran around the room after opening it! I thought all three of the clutches they had were beautiful but this key one was my favorite.
The inside of the clutch has card slots so you can store your credit cards and money. It is a very slender clutch, which is perfect for a night out or for a fancy event such as a wedding.
I still cannot believe Alex won this clutch! We saw a lot of entry cards that had been filled out and put in the box they were drawing from. A lot of people entered and plus we rarely win anything from contests or raffles.
Winning this clutch was a great memory to have from our trip to California. This will definitely be remembered as the guitar convention where Alex won the Rebecca Minkoff clutch.

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