My favorite time of the year is finally here! I love the long, hot summer days filled with family, friends, and adventures. I will admit, sometimes it can get a little too hot outside, which is why I like to hang out at the pool. One product that keeps me cool by the pool is Evian facial spray.
This facial spray is light, refreshing, and easy to use. It is perfect on a hot summer day lounging by the pool. If you want to cool down, but do not want to get your face wet in the pool, Evian facial spray is the solution for you.
All you have to do to use Evian facial spray is remove the cap, hold it about twelve inches away from your face, and press down on the button. This will release a mist of natural mineral water that will hydrate, freshen, and purify your skin. It is also very refreshing on a hot summer day.
After the facial spray has been applied to your face, wait a few minutes for the micro-droplets to be absorbed, and then pat any excess droplets dry. You can also just let the droplets dry on their own. It does not take long for them to be absorbed into your skin.
Not only is this Evian facial spray great for staying cool by the pool, but it is also perfect for the beach, and other outdoor summer activities. This facial spray is also available in a TSA approved size, which is great to bring with you on long flights to keep you hydrated.
I have the 5oz. medium size bottle. This size is great to keep in your pool and/or beach bag. This size facial spray will also fit in my purse. There is also a 10oz. Evian facial spray available, which is perfect to keep at home and it will last you a long time.
The possiblites are endless when it comes to Evian facial spray. It can also be used to enhance your make-up and restyle your hair throughout the day. This facial spray is hypo-allergenic and great for all skin types. My skin is pretty sensitive and it did not irritate my skin or make it break out.
If lounging by the pool is how you stay cool during the summer, make sure to pack Evian facial spray in your pool bag! Your skin will be hydrated and refreshed on those hot summer days. You can learn more about Evian facial spray by clicking here. Make sure to check out their Instagram here and my Instagram to find out how to enter their giveaway! Stay cool and stay hydrated!
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