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One of my favorite prints to wear is galaxy. It is such a unique pattern and I love all the different colors that are found in this print. I have a few clothing items with galaxy print on them, but when I saw this galaxy print kimono in Hot Topic I had to get it.
I really enjoy wearing kimonos and I find them a lot of fun to style. They are lightweight so you can wear them in the spring and summer. When it came time to style this galaxy kimono, I knew I wanted to wear a lot of neutral colors.
Any combination of grey, black, or white would work well with this kimono. For this look I chose a pair of grey jeans and a black t-shirt to wear with the galaxy print. White or black jeans would also work well.
The different shades of blue and purple in this galaxy print are so pretty. There is also a fun fringe detail on the bottom of this kimono. I would definitely be able to style it with pair of shorts or capris as well.
My accessories were pretty simple. I wore a pair of grey sunglasses, black shoes, and a silver bracelet. However, I did want to wear an accessory that was galaxy themed so I wore a purple star necklace.
If you are looking to purchase a kimono you can find them in almost any clothing store you walk into. They can be found in all different colors and patterns. Kimonos are perfect for spring and summer and they are easy to style with jeans, capris, and shorts. I hope this look brings you inspiration when looking for and styling kimonos.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Shirt- Mudd
Kimono- Hot Topic
Jeans- Delia’s
Shoes- Betsey Johnson
-Caroline 🙂

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