Coffee Obsessed

Coffee is one of my favorite things. I love meeting people for coffee or just getting it and drinking it at home. I have my favorite latte that I get from Starbucks all the time and my favorite coffee from Wawa (for those of you from South Jersey/Philly and know what Wawa is). Fashion is a reflection of yourself so with that being said it is appropriate for me to have a shirt about how much I love coffee on it!
A few weeks ago I was purchasing some bathing suits from Delia’s. I love their bathing suits and cannot wait to wear them, but I will review them in another post 🙂 I was a few dollars short of receiving free shipping so I browsed around their site to find something I could add to my order. I saw this I Heart Coffee shirt and knew it would be perfect!
When my Delia’s order arrived I tried on the shirt right away and it fit perfectly! This t-shirt is also super comfortable! I did not want to wait until it was really warm out to wear this shirt so I styled it with a white denim jacket. I was lucky because the day I wore this outfit it was pretty warm out so I only needed the jacket at night.
I went for a causal look with this t-shirt and paired it with royal blue jeans from Celebrity Pink Jeans. I loved how the white denim jacket popped against the royal blue jeans. I wanted to add another color to this look so I wore my red Ray-Bans to contrast with my blue jeans. I ended up stopping at Starbucks the day I wore this outfit so I seemed like a coffee addict coming in wearing an I love coffee shirt haha.
I have always been a fan of graphic tees like this one and Delia’s is definitely not the only store that sells them. The amount of stores that sell graphic tees are endless. I have been wearing graphic tees for many years and I will probably never stop. You can easily layer graphic tees with denim and leather jackets during the spring. I love wearing graphic tees with shorts in the summer and I cannot wait until it gets warm out so I can style this coffee tee with a cute pair of shorts. If you do not have any graphic tees make sure to get some so you can style them this spring and summer!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Denim Jacket- Merona
I Heart Coffee- Delia’s
Jeans- Celebrity Pink Jeans
Shoes- Converse
-Caroline 🙂

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