Tomorrow is Halloween and I could not be more excited! I hope everyone has some awesome Halloween plans and their costumes ready to go!
Since the big day is tomorrow, I wanted to share one of my favorite Halloween dresses. I purchased this dress from Gypsy Warrior last year. I was looking forward to purchasing another Halloween dress from them, but sadly they closed. You can, however, check out Hunt & Orchard for some awesome Halloween jewelry, which you can read more about here. I wear this dress throughout the year as well because Halloween is part of my style.
This dress is very comfortable, a blast to wear, and has the coolest print all over it! I like to style it with leggings and a pair of boots or flats. I usually stick with black leggings and shoes to let the dress be the focal point of the outfit. I have seen this dress styled in many different ways, such as, with a belt, hat, the sleeves rolled up, or with a jacket. You can mix up this look a lot just by playing with the accessories.
Sadly, the only place you might be able to find this dress is on eBay. There are a lot of other stores that have great Halloween dresses though. I have seen many at ModCloth, Hot Topic, and Target.   
I like to add a pop of color to this outfit with some fun sunglasses. For this time styling this dress, I chose purple sunglasses but blue sunglasses work nicely too.
I hope everyone has a fantastic and Happy Halloween!!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Dress- Gypsy Warrior
Leggings- Pink Rose
Boots- Clarks
-Caroline 🙂

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