Even though my favorite holiday, Halloween, is not far away, I am very sad summer is almost over. I am going to miss the long days, warm weather, and going to the beach. Luckily though, you can be transported back to the beach every time you use Hask’s Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Collection.
This collection of shampoo, conditioner, and texture spray will give you beach curls for days. The main ingredients in this collection are Hawaiian sea salt, pearl extract, coconut oil, and blue seakale. Hask’s Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Collection is also free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and artificial colors which is fantastic for you and your hair!
The first time I used this shampoo and conditioner I instantly felt like I was back on vacation at the beach. The scent of these products transports you back to a nice long beach day filled with the smell of the ocean, sand, and coconuts. I love closing my eyes while using these products and pretending I am back on the beach, even if it is only for a few minutes.
After I washed and combed my hair, I used the texture spray that is part of this collection. This texture spray will not make your hair stiff, which is a feature I loved. I really like having soft and movable hair. This texture spray definitely helped my naturally curly hair stay curly until I washed it again.
I do not need to wash my hair every day and this product helped to keep my hair looking fresh on the days I did not wash it. The scent of this collection also lasted an extremely long time which was great! I could still smell the shampoo and conditioner on my hair on the days I did not wash it.
If you are like me and wish it was summer all year, now is your chance to at least smell like summer with these great products! Hask’s Hawaiian Sea Salt Beach Texture Collection kept my hair smelling fantastic, feeling soft, and keeping my curls in place. If you want amazing smelling hair and awesome beach waves, give this product a try! You can check out the entire collection by clicking here.
*This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own

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