A bold, chiffon blouse is one of my favorite statement pieces to wear during the spring! Chiffon blouses are also one of my favorite types of shirt to wear because they are very effortless and you can dress them up or down. This light blue and pink blouse is definitely one of my favorite chiffon blouses that I own. I purchased this blouse from Forever 21 a few years ago. I remember when I purchased it they had so many chiffon blouses in a variety of colors. Some of them also had little embellishments such as studded collars. I cannot seem to find as many now at Forever 21 but I always keep my eye out for them.
This blouse just screams spring fashion to me. The light, bright colors just make me think of a beautiful spring day. When I style this blouse I like to keep everything around it simple and subtle. I like to keep the blouse the center of attention when I wear it. For this look I styled this blouse with ripped, studded black jeans and a pair of black shoes. I did not want the look to become too plain so I made sure to wear jeans with some details to them.
As for my accessories, I kept them pretty simple and kept sliver the main metal throughout my outfit. I wore a silver spiked necklace from Delia’s that I purchased a few years ago. I also wore a silver bracelet to match the necklace.
For this overall look I really wanted it to feel like a daydream. I was even told it reminded someone of cotton candy, which I can totally see that! The blouse does resemble light and pretty blue and pink cotton candy. If you are looking for some easy, fun spring tops that you can dress up or down I would definitely recommend chiffon blouses. These blouses can be found at pretty much any store, but bigger stores such as Forever 21, H&M, and Macy’s might have a wider selection of them.
Since these blouses are sheer I like to wear a tank top, short sleeve shirt, or long sleeve shirt underneath them. The shirt I wear underneath the blouse usually depends on the temperature outside. For this look I chose a tank top since it was pretty warm out. Keep your eye out for some fun chiffon blouses for the spring that can be also worn during summer nights!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Blouse- Forever 21
Jeans- Material Girl
Shoes- Betsey Johnson
Necklace- Delia’s
-Caroline 🙂

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