Blog-O-Ween Day 14- Nightmare Before Christmas Surprise Party

Ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas Party

On Sunday, October 13, 2019, I was given the most epic surprise ever; a Nightmare Before Christmas Surprise Birthday Party!!! I still cannot believe this happened and I want to go

back and relive that day over and over. I had the time of my life and had absolutely NO CLUE this was happening.

Nightmare Before Christmas Party


After the surprise of a lifetime, I discovered all of the hard work, thoughtfulness, and effort that went on for two months to make this such a special day.


Nightmare Before Christmas Party


My parents found sooooo many Jack Skellington/Nightmare Before Christmas decorations. My mom ran around to countless stores finding decor for this party. It definitely felt like I walked into Halloween Town when I got to the party. I could not, and still cannot believe it! From backdrops and rugs to pumpkins and lanterns, my mom found everything with Jack Skellington on it!


Jack Skellington Decorations

Jack Skellington Table


My aunt and cousin (shout out to Ter and Katie) helped my mom decorate the house the night before the party. I told my parents they should keep the house decorated like this all year because it is so spectacular!


Jack Skellington Candles


Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Party


Jack Skellington Birthday Party


Not only were there so many amazing decorations at my Nightmare Before Christmas surprise party, but there were so many little details that went along with the theme. My brother John created the invitations and signs that Jack Skellington was holding. He even found the perfect font for these invitations and signs!


Nightmare Before Christmas Party

Jack Skellington Dessert


A friend I have had since kindergarten, Catherine, created the most incredible cake I have ever seen! She designed the entire cake along with baking and decorating it. It was so amazing I did not want to cut it! Not only did the cake itself look fantastic, but it tasted fantastic as well!


Jack Skellington Cake

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

Epic Nightmare Before Christmas Cake


Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Cake

Jack Skellington Cupcakes


Along with the entire house looking like Halloween Town, everyone at the party dressed up! I had family and friends at this party and they all wore something Nightmare Before Christmas themed. Some family members even dressed up as characters from the movie!


Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Party



This Nightmare Before Christmas Surprise Party was one of the best days ever! I am still in total shock and cannot believe it happened. It was so much fun and I miss it. I am forever grateful for all of the hard work, effort, and love that went into this party. I was totally clueless and I know it was probably hard for people to make sure they did not spill the beans!


Ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas Party


Throughout this post I have shared some pictures from the party. If you are planning a Nightmare Before Christmas party, whether it is a surprise or not, I hope this gives you some inspiration. I do not know where all of the decorations came from but I have included links to any similar items I could find below.

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Stay Spooky







Shower Curtain

Table Cloth

Table Runner


Stuffed Jack


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