The weather has been so crazy here! We have had a few beautiful spring days and then the temperature drops back down to 30 degrees. It has been fun dressing for the warmer days and hopefully, spring will soon be here to stay! I wanted to share this fun pattern mixing look I wore on a warm day.
This striped v-neck shirt is from the Express One Eleven collection. It is super comfortable and easy to wear. I purchased it a few months ago and up until now, it has been too cold out to wear it.
I knew I wanted to wear my new Toms with this look. These Toms are perfect for me because they have music notes all over them! They are super cute and very lightweight.
Even though I was styling music note shoes against a striped shirt, the patterns were able to work together because they were the same colors. My ripped denim jeans also broke up my outfit very nicely so my shirt and shoes did not clash against each other.
I do not mix a lot of patterns together frequently. If you want to try some pattern mixing, an outfit like mine is a great way to give it a try. Having a netural pair of jeans inbetween both of your patterns prevents the look from clashing.
Spring is a great time to experiment with pattern mixing. You can pair funky t-shirts against a pair of fun sneakers. If you are looking for a fun pair of shoes I would defintiely recommend Toms. I have a few pairs of Toms and they are all fantastic. They have so many different colors and patterns avaiable. They are also so lightweight that sometimes you forget you have shoes on! Toms are a lot of fun to wear in the spring so make sure to get a pair because the warm weather will soon be here for good!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Shirt- Express
Jeans- Delia’s
Shoes- Toms
-Caroline 🙂

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