Unique Valentine's Gift Guide For Him

For whatever reason, a lot of men are hard to shop for. I am not sure if it is because they enjoy more practical items or not, but I always have a hard time shopping for my boyfriend and my dad. If you are in the same situation as me, fear not because I have created a unique and practical Valentine’s gift guide for him!
These gifts are great for any occasion but I thought I would put it together since Valentine’s Day is coming up. All of these gifts are ones I have purchased for my boyfriend and he loves them. They are practical yet sentimental. These gifts are also great for any guy in your life, not just a significant other.

Pocket Watch

The first item in my Valentine’s gift guide for him is a pocket watch. My boyfriend Alex loves wearing this item when he gets dressed up in a suit. I purchased this pocket watch for our anniversary a few years ago. It is from Things Remembered and I got it engraved there as well.

I chose this watch for two reasons. One, I liked the silver finish and two, the other side of the watch can hold a photo. I did, however, give him a new chain for this watch that has a t-bar on the end of it. If your guy needs a watch but does not like wearing one on his wrist, a pocket watch is a perfect solution!

Business card holder

The next Valentine’s gift guide for him item is a business card holder. I got Alex this business card holder for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. He needed a card holder for his own cards and for our classical guitar duo cards.

This card holder also came from Things Remembered and I got it engraved there as well. They have a big selection of business card holders to choose from. Business card holders are great for any guy. They are practical but you can also make them personal by getting them engraved.

charging station and organizer

The third item in my Valentine’s Day gift guide for him is a charging station and desk organizer. I purchased this charging station for Alex’s birthday in August. I bought it from a shop on Etsy and you can check out the exact one I purchased by clicking here.

Not only is this perfect for charging your phone, but you can use it as a catch-all station for items your guy uses every day. You can hang glasses or sunglasses from it, a watch or pocket watch, car keys, and you can keep money, loose change, a wallet and/or a business card holder in it.

Alex keeps this station on his nightstand and uses it to charge his phone. He also keeps his glasses, keys, and wallet on it as well. There are a ton of different stations like these all over Etsy. You can choose from different woods, sizes, and styles. I purchased a different station for my dad as a Christmas present and he uses it every day. These stations can also be engraved.

guitar stand

The last item on my unique Valentine’s Day gift guide for him is great for a musician. Alex and I are both classical guitarists so this next gift was perfect for him. I purchased this handmade guitar stand for him back in June for our anniversary.

This guitar stand is from South Mountain Wood Works and they have a beautiful selection of guitar, banjo, and mandolin stands. There are a variety of woods to choose from and you can add different accessories to this stand. A beautiful and unique guitar stand is perfect for any musician to have in their home.

Shopping for any guy can be difficult, but I hope I have made it a little easier for you with my gift guide. All of these items are unique, practical, and can be personalized in some way. If you have any questions about these items please do not hesitate to ask. Now it is time for me to figure out what I will be getting Alex for Valentine’s Day this year…

-Caroline 🙂


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