April 2016 Favorites

The new month of May means it is time for me to post about my favorites from last month! I was hoping to have more than one spring clothing favorite but sadly it has been very chilly here! The only favorite article of clothing I had for the month of April was this kimono from Express!
On the few warm days we had around here, I was able to style this kimono a few times. This kimono has the perfect spring vibe to it and since it is so colorful the styling possibilities are endless. I cannot wait for it to get warm out so I can style it with a pair of capris as well. This kimono will also be great paired with shorts in the summer!
My second favorite of the month of April was an infused water recipe I found on Pinterest that you can check out here.. I have had infused water before and liked it, but I never tried making it at home. After finding this on Pinterest I decided to give it a try and I am hooked!
This infused water is so easy to make and you do not need any fancy appliances to do it! There are so many infused water recipes out there but right now I’m addicted to this one. All you do is add some lemon and cucumber slices, and a few mint leaves to a thermos or pitcher with cold water and you are good go!
I like to make my infused water before I go to bed, that way it has already steeped all night. I can usually get one refill out of the same mint leaves, and cucumber and lemon slices. I like to put a little bit of water at the bottom of my Tervis, add in the ingredients, and then fill it up. I also just eyeball how much of each ingredient I want in the water, I do not measure it out. Not only does this infused water taste great, it is also very refreshing and good for you! I drink water all day but this water is a nice, refreshing change. If you are trying to drink more water I would recommend giving infused water a try too! If you do not like this one there are plenty of other recipes out there or you could even try making your own! Give some infused water a try and have a very happy May!

-Caroline 🙂

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