Happy March Everyone! It is crazy to me that February is over but I am looking forward to spring. We have already experienced a few days of spring-like weather last week and it was fantastic! I was able to drink iced lattes, drive around with my sunroof open, and not have to wear a jacket!
I wore this colorful, fun, spring look last week when it was 70 degrees out! If you have been following The Poppy Skull for awhile, you know I love splashes of color in my outfits. I purchased this plaid, ombre, shirt from Pac-Sun many years ago.
This plaid black and white shirt fades into a shade of teal and purple. These colors make this average plaid shirt very unique and fun to wear. The sleeves on this shirt can also be worn rolled up.
When I was styling this outfit, I knew I wanted to wear my purple and teal Nike sneakers to match my shirt. These sneakers match perfectly and they are fun to wear on a nice spring day. I purchased these shoes online a few years ago but I had originally seen them at Zumiez.
Since my shoes and shirt were so colorful, I wanted to keep my jeans neutral. I wore a pair of black jeans from Delia’s. I kept my accessories simple as well with a black bracelet and black and white sunglasses.
Now that it is March I hope we experience a lot of warm spring weather soon! This look is a great transitional outfit for a winter to spring look. Button down shirts, like my plaid one, are perfect for spring days that sometimes turn into winter nights. This way you are comfortable during the day but not freezing once the sun goes down.
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Shirt- Fox
Jeans- Delia’s
Shoes- Nike
-Caroline 🙂

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