If you are a blogger, musician, photographer, business owner, or anyone who has a job or hobby that requires an online presence, you know how demanding this can be. My blog, The Poppy Skull, and my classical guitar duo, Dulcet Guitar Duo, both require a strong online presence in order to survive. I have designed both websites for these careers and constantly post and update the social media pages related to these sites.
Keeping up with having an online presence is not easy but it is required for success. If Dulcet Guitar Duo is going to be performing a concert but there is nothing online about it, how will people know about our upcoming show? If we are trying to get hired for a gig but we do not have a website containing our biography, videos, and social media links, how is an Artistic Director supposed to know our credentials and hire us?
When it comes to The Poppy Skull, there is a lot of behind the scenes activity that goes on to make it successful. Besides putting looks together and shooting and editing photos, there is a lot of online activity. These activities range from keeping the site updated, adding text and pictures to the site, making sure the layout is how I want it, and figuring out the perfect SEOs to use.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the key to getting your website or blog found when people are searching the internet. In order for people to find my classical guitar duo, I might put an SEO such as “classical guitar performers” or “guitar duo” on my website, so when these phrases are searched on google, our site pops up.
I know this can all sounds overwhelming and it can be hard to figure out. It is especially hard to work on your own website if you do not have the time to or experience to do so. I hardly knew anything about creating a website but I was able to set aside some time to do research on my own to figure it out. I definitely have a lot more to learn but I am glad I was able to put together a few websites.
Creating a website on your own is not always an option, and this is where a company such as SEO New Jersey comes into play. They can do a variety of tasks for you such as creating a custom website, social media marketing, advanced web analytics, content strategy, and so much more. Some of these services are things that people might not even think about when they decided they need to create a website.
Having a company like NJ SEO help you out with your website or blog can be very beneficial. They already know all the ins and outs of creating and running a website. This means you do not have to set aside time to learn how to design the website you want on your own. NJ SEO can also help you get your website up and running in no time and will use the perfect SEOs for your site to get traffic.
Even though there are a lot of online marketing companies out there, NJ SEO is a family run company that has experienced a lot of success throughout their years in business. Brothers, Matt and Dan Anton, have worked together to create an amazing local company that can help many bloggers, musicians, artists, and business owners have a successful website and career.  They have been in marketing for twelve years and have twenty-seven team members. NJ SEO has done 284 PPC campaigns and 436 SEO campaigns.
Starting a blog or website for an aspect or career of your life can be very exciting but also very time-consuming. In this day and age though, an online presence is a must if you want to get noticed and be successful. Just think about all the times you hear about a new store or restaurant, what is one of the first things you do? See if they have a website or Facebook page to find more information about them.
When it comes to fashion blogging, the amount of followers and views you receive on your blog is what makes it successful. The only way to get a big audience to your blog is by using the correct SEOs. As a fashion blogger though, you do not want to be spending hours doing research on SEOs though, you want to be out taking pictures, styling outfits, and posting about what you love, fashion! So why not let other people do what they love by creating your website and helping to make it better.
NJ SEO offers a free SEO analysis, which you can check out by clicking here. Having a fashion blog for a few years has definitely been a lot of trial and error. I am still learning on how to make my blog better every day. Learning about SEOs for your website is a huge step in the right direction to make your blog or site successful. Even though getting your blog or website started might seem slow and discouraging, remember to never give up and use any resources you can, such as NJ SEO, to help get you to the next level.
-Caroline 🙂
*Sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.

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