During most of last week the weather here was around 80 degrees! I was super excited about it since I love warm weather. Over the weekend that quickly changed though and it began to feel more like fall. Since it was so warm last week I wanted to share a look from the end of the summer. Even though this look is styled for the summer, a few minor changes can be made to it and it would be perfect for the fall!
I purchased this black dress from H&M when I was searching for something to wear under my Coachella dress. This dress did not work well under my Coachella dress, however I did like how it looked on its own so I decided to keep it. The neckline is high on this dress with huge cut outs on the sides. It almost seems like the sleeves were cut off. Since the cut outs on the side are very wide, I decided to wear a white tank top underneath this dress.
I wanted to wear a lot of color and bold accessories with this look. I wore my bright, fruit necklace from Betsey Johnson, along with my coral Betsey Johnson stud muffin crossbody. I added a little bit of subtle color in my shoes with my blue and teal Betsey Johnson sandals. Since most of my accessories were bold and colorful, I kept my sunglasses simple with my black Ray-Bans.

This dress would be great in the fall as well as the summer. A t-shirt could be styled under this dress for more warmth, or maybe even a long sleeve shirt. A bold, cropped moto jacket could also be worn over this dress with a pair of low boots. Even though this dress was purchased and styled in the summer, that does not mean it cannot be styled for other seasons. If you are looking for something new to wear this fall, try styling a summer piece with fall jackets and accessories!
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Tank Top- Delia’s
Dress- Divided by H&M
Sandals- Betsey Johnson
Necklace- Betsey Johnson
Crossbody- Betsey Johnson
-Caroline 🙂

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